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chat with your data

DataLingvo app and bots empower everyone on your team to ask questions and get answers from Google Analytics and more by using a free-form natural language you already know. No programming to learn, no systems to master, and no data scientists to beg.

There are no special rules, grammar, or terms to remember - just a natural language that you already speak and the tools you already use:

simple & intuitive

Our self-service, easy to use system takes seconds to setup and opens up data intelligence and ad-hoc analytics to everyone on your team.

Ask questions like: "which website traffic sources are performing poorly?" - and get a real-time answer automatically delivered from Google Analytics.

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Salesforce
  • Act-On
  • Marketo

slack app & web app

DataLingvo Slack app features full bi-directional integration with our web app eliminating limitations of the basic messaging platforms. From single sign-on, to managing your dashboard. From asking a question in Slack app to a deep data exploration in our web app via a seamless handoff.

key features

Natural Language
No programming to learn, no systems to master, no arcane terms to remember - just a regular language you already know.
Comprehensive Insights
From simplicity of natural language - to comprehensive results and sophisticated data analysis to gain insights into your business data.
Team Support
Whether you are team of one or a team of 100s we provide enterprise grade team support with user management and smart data source sharing.
Custom Data Sources
From Google Analytics,, or Marketo to a SQL database. From private to public - DataLingvo works with any data source.

cognitive computing

For the last half a century scientists tried to build a computer software that would mimic a human brain to attain the Artificial Intelligence. We envisioned a different approach. Instead of building a software that mimics a human brain - we use the power of human brain to solve "last mile" data analytics problems and developed the technology that makes this process efficient and real-time. Our human curated linguistics* technology is trained by the experts, understands more that it is taught, and learns more with every interaction.

* Patent Pending

subscription pricing

$ 0 free forever*
Webapp & Slack app
Google Analytics
50 questions per day
$ 15 per user/month
Webapp & Slack app
Google Analytics
100 questions per user/day
API access
Additional features
Faster response
Webapp & Slack app
Google Analytics
Unlimited usage
API access
SQL data sources
Unlimited features
Fastest response
Enterprise support
* No credit card required. Features subject to change.

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about us

DataLingvo is a two-year old startup in a stealth mode developing first dedicated Citizen Data Science platform. We are located in San Francisco, California and Saint Petersburg, Russia.